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Find confidence, feel empowered.

You question what is wrong with you. On the outside you might seem fine, but internally you’re frozen, panicked, and overwhelmed. You feel out of control, and that’s even more overwhelming.

Resorting to people pleasing and perfectionism might make things feel okay again, but it doesn’t last, and you can’t help but brace yourself for the next shoe to drop. You wonder, am I always going to be like this?

Feel the freedom of deep inner healing.

You’ve tried journaling, books, yoga, or reiki, but it’s not enough. Maybe you’ve even tried therapy before and learned some skills to help you get by, but you still get swept away by those unsuspecting triggers.

You’re looking for more. You’re ready to dig deep. 

You need that extra support to heal the wounds that keep you from achieving the life you long for.

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You’ll have the chance to unpack your past, understand what led to this point, and grow from those experiences to find peace and self-love.

I understand the challenge of getting started and opening up to someone new. I will support you in this process with a nonjudgmental and patient approach.

About Me

Hi! I’m Shannon.

I use EMDR along with other supportive strategies to help you heal from the past and learn to trust yourself again, or maybe for the first time. I’d love to talk more about how I can help you in your journey.