Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

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Yoga has been shown to decrease symptoms of PTSD such as dissociation, anxiety, and insomnia. When practiced regularly, yoga helps to regulate the nervous system and find safety in connection with your body. It is highly recommended as an additional support to trauma therapy.

Every 1st Monday of the month 

Find healing with this slow, gentle flow. This class is intentionally designed to use mindful movement, somatic exercises, and grounding breathwork as tools for recovering from trauma and regulating the nervous system. Students are guided to focus on your inner experience and encouraged to use choice in pose modifications. A combination of vinyasa flow and restorative poses will be incorporated to create a sense of balance and ease. All levels of experience are welcome.

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 Classes are offered in-person at The Wellness Den, 1602 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. 

Photography by Portrait Memoirs.