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At this time, all counseling services will be provided via live video conferencing, or telehealth.

This can be done anywhere you have a reliable internet connection.

While there are certainly some differences, with preparation and my support, you can still receive the same level of care as you would from an in-person session. Many clients prefer telehealth because of the convenience and ability for them to choose the environment that works best for them.

Tips for a successful telehealth session:

Choose a private location

Make sure the location you choose is in a private place that will have few distractions. Confidentiality and safety are most important.

It is often best to use a laptop or computer

However, if you need to use a smartphone, use it ‘hands-free’ with a phone stand or by propping it up.

Give yourself a few minutes before and after each session

This helps you transition into and out of therapy, much like you would during the drive to a physical location.

Use headphones or earbuds to enhance the experience

This is particularly helpful for EMDR sessions.

Bring tissues, a blanket, or a fidget toy

…or anything that may be comforting during the session.

If you have any questions about telehealth, please feel free to contact me.